Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ultimate Drysuit Drying Rack

Some of you that have been out to my garage have seen my drying rack; others may have heard about it. The problem started when I got tired of smelling like an old pair of gym sneakers after each dive. With my DUI the crushed neoprene stocking foot anytime I get a little wetness in the feet it never seems to dry. So Aaron and I did some research, a lot of R&D and came up with a great system. It's made entirely of PVC, so there's nothing to rust.

There's a place for the boots, my hood, each glove, and the drysuit hangs upside down so everything drys fast. Each terminal point has vent holes and the best part is I have a small fan that I can attach to the bottom and it forces air throughout the suit and it dries the toes. The arms go around another pipe so they get dry, and with the wheels, I wheel it off to a corner of the garage for drying. I can actually get all of my dive gear onto the rack including BC, Fins, Reg etc.


Scott said...

The Ultimate side business for you to produce & sell these!

John said...


this is perfect.

do you have the plans available(measurements, fan manufacturer, etc.)? maybe you even sell them... after all you 'beta' testers build from your first set of course ;-)

Ken Pfau said...

I've thought about producing the pieces in a kit with instructions; pre-cut and numbered. I think it may be a good fall project. Let me know if you're interested; the idea is to keep the costs down and provide a kit that's easy to assemble and take down. Let me know if you're interested.

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