Monday, June 25, 2007

Opening the Skooba Spot Bog

Hey Divers,
Time to get online. I've been procrastinating putting up a website for too long; now I just decided to put up a blog instead. If I get time later I'll post a real site.
I think the main reason for starting here is to provide a way for past students and divers to share events, ideas and adventures. I'll be talking about future classes, dives and trips; and hope others will as well. I don't plan of getting overly formal with it; but want a place to post thoughts.

Ken Pfau
PADI IDC Staff Instructor
DSAT Tec/Deeep Instructor


Ken said...

Hi Ken,
I was directed to your Spot by Tom Hess, a loyal former student now stirring up the mud in Texas.
Liked your photo comments and look forward to more on this and as I work on this area, hope to offer some contributions.
Nice Dry Suit system but I'm not into cold.

Ken Babbitt

Tom Hlavac said...

Nice to see someone from the NW online. I love the drying rack, a good hack .. did you scrounge all the bits?

I used to wash everything with Simple Green, now just rinse with fresh water and hang in the garage. Wish I had a setup like yours ...

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