Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Taking care of your drysuit.

Hi Ken!
I hope you are well and having a nice summer!
I have a quick question: every time I wash my dry suit, a little water does make it in the suit. The inside boot sole is material, so it never quite dries up (I am not talking wet, just damp). I was thinking of using desiccating salts (the type they put in new electronics or hand bags prior to purchase)to avoid the formation of moistures. Do you think this would be safe (for the suit)? Also, should I be washing or dry cleaning the under garment?
Thanks for your help!
Good questions. Often you'll get dampness from perspiration and possibly a little seepage from the seals. I haven't heard of anybody using the salts; but usually many people pick up one of those inexpensive boot dryers to get some circulation in there. Someday I'll post a drysuit rack and dryer I've built.
I wash my undergarments with a mild laundry soap about once every 3-4 dives or if it gets wet with salt water. About every 5 washings I'll apply a fleece waterproofing I get from Seattle Fabrics. I suppose you could dry-clean and not worry about the waterproofing if the process leaves the waterproofing.

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